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Re: [non-scirocco] DOGS: THE LAST POST

Hey man, stitches would be the appropriate way to tell us how much you
would go through to get your scirocco back.  ;)
Maybe the dog was running from the mechanic with tendancy towards
beastiality that you go to.  ;)
The point being, drop the dog shit ( pun intended) Kiss each other full
on the lips, and go drive your rottweilers home

PS If you really have a problem, I know a dog hitman.  He used to work
for Don Doggio.  He personally took care of all of his family problems,
you know like fleas, mites, etc.  There fore I think he would be the
best.  And as far as your hand goes, try bacitracin, and a rabies (which
you seem to have gotton a 24 hour case of) shot

and remember to smile, and put on clean underwear ( if underwear is your
personal preference)
a ma maison
85 scirocco 8v(housemates)      85 scirocco 8v
                88 Golf GTi

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