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Re: Glass removal

At 10:48 1/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Emergency! Does anyone have some helpful hints on getting the windshield
>out of a early Scirocco without breaking it or damaging the gasket? If I
>can pull it off, I can save myself at least $75 over a shop doing it,
>not to mention they say it could very well break when removing it. I'm
>actually more concerned about damaging the gasket than breaking the
>window cuz I can get the glass cheap. Gasket is around $90. My car's in
>the bodyshop awaiting the glass now, so time is of the essence. Without
>some good advice I have a feeling the windshield will not survive.

DO NOT try to save the gasket. Ain't worth the trouble, and you probably
will break the glass in the process.

Use a utility knife to cut the gasket on the outside so you can peel the
outer part off the window. From the inside, apply gentle EVEN pressure to
the window while someone on the outside waits to catch the glass. Wear gloves.

A new gasket will make reinstallation easier, too. The old one might be
stiff or brittle - read leaks and/or broken window on install.

I have broken enough Beetle windshields to never want to try saving another

Chuck Kuecker


'83 Scirocco (Katy's car now)
'58 Ghia Convert
'75 Bug
'67 Bug
'63 Bug (*still* for sale)
'91 Vanagon

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