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Re: race corrado, turbo drag corrado, toronto vw show, vw's at import autorama

On Thu, 10 Sep 1998 13:28:15 -0500 George Ciordas
<georgec@iexcellence.com> writes:

>just wait till next year,  then you'll see something that will put vw
>watercooled cars on the map for drag... cause it'll smoke everything in
>looks and times,  from the mouth of the builder of the Turbo Corrado.

Really? What kind of power will it have? What kind of time slip is it
expected to run?
Why a Corrado? (Because its what he's got, right) Heavy little beast. 

OK. I'll wait for some kind of word on it _next_ year.

              Shawn Meze
(Dissapointed with the lack of -PERFORMING- VW Drag racers)
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