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Re: race corrado, turbo drag corrado, toronto vw show, vw's at import autorama

hey that's old news and plus that car isn't full interior everyday driver!
if he had a 4 spd magnesium tranny case, close gear ratios, gutted interior
, line lock , drag slicks  and on and on..
that car would do twelves too.. oh and weighed in under 2000 lbs

just wait till next year,  then you'll see something that will put vw
watercooled cars on the map for drag... cause it'll smoke everything in
looks and times,  from the mouth of the builder of the Turbo Corrado.

i hope he backs up what he says,  but i can't argue with work. it's so
clean. if you could have seen the welds on all the stainless steel
intercooling piping, heck his exhaust system is better then anything i've
seem from any manufacture could produce. all custom. you could catch a pic
of this on the corrado club's website or in turbo magazine one or two
issues ago.


>just for fun check out Collin's (of Techtonics) 1980 Rabbit that pulls
>1/4 miles in the 12 second range - no turbo:

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