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Re: race corrado, turbo drag corrado, toronto vw show, vw's at import autorama

On Thu, 10 Sep 1998 11:21:22 -0400 scirocco.gtx@juno.com (Mark A Peele)
>just for fun check out Collin's (of Techtonics) 1980 Rabbit that pulls 
>1/4 miles in the 12 second range - no turbo:
>http://pwp.auhs.edu/~limg/dragin.htm			:)

Thats a depressing page!
"2.0L 14.4:1 CR, its got this, its got that and OH, ITS been SOLD and its
now an ICE RACING CAR! Happy happy, joy joy.
he damned the car to be an ice racer when it was definately one of the
fastest WCVW's in the US! 
Well, thanks for the site plug. It was kinda cool deading about a fast VW
for a change.

              Shawn Meze
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