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Re: big bumpers?

> i've also heard that there is another guy around these parts with a mk2
> that's sporting a corrado front and rear end.  shweet!  

Corrado front and rear would be nuts on a mk2 (rocco that is)

> 	the VR6 rocco has some mk3 bumper skins on it, if i recall
> correctly...i think that the only mk2 bumpered mk2 scirocco that i have
> seen is our man in sweden with the turboed 8V rocco.  what's his
> name...anders??  i cannae remember, now.  i'm sure someone else will tho.
> hth

Going by the pics from scirocco.org, the bumpers on the vr6 are mk2 big
bumpers.  I think roland is the swedish dude you are thinking of.  i have
yet to see pics of his car with the big bumpers fitted, i remember him
talking of the project though.  have you seen any ??  and where?


87 16v
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