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Scirocco Parts For Sale RE:

I will re post my personal collection of parts for sale in a few days.
The RE:s lately are from a list I posted over a month ago.
I do have parts all over the shop that I'm still going through, I would list
those unless they are important. I any one is looking for something specific
ask me just as you would ask potter.

PS Since WCM isn't into H2O parts where can we get them? I need a new
supplier, POTTER? I have hear of Timmons Vw has any one else?

NJScirGTX@aol.com (Steven M. Toughill)
Volkswagen Mechanic 
84 Scirocco GTX & 88 16V Scirocco 
VOLKSTECH Inc. Volkswagen Repair and Parts
Burlington, New Jersey (crossroads of Trenton & Philly)

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