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A1 manuals

Hey Gang,
I scored on some A1 factory training manuals and was wondering if any of you
would be interested in them or if someone can send me a posting address for
the A1 crowd.
Much appreciated - Dean dfutrell@whpacific.com

1.	Air Conditioning Pro-Training 75-81 all models ( including Dasher)
100 pages $10 each (10 available) 
	   Covers trouble shooting, explanation of AC, wiring diagrams, list
of components, etc.
	This does not roll over into A2 though, as the methods of yesteryear
have since been bettered.

2.	81,82,83,84 Wiring diagrams all models 80 pages comb bound  $15 (one
 all wiring in vehicles, would be very useful for a A1 guy, much easier to
read than Bentley. 

Have some 95 and newer Passat stuff as well including G60 Synchro-

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