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big bumpers?

hello all,

I have recently been introduced to the concept
of big bumpers on a MKII rocco.  Having spoke (emailed)
to a few people about this, I've been told it is possible
and not very difficult.  Having seen a few pictures with 
this mod, I am very impressed, and it seems like
a viable (read: cheaper) alternative to euros.  
Anybody done this?
Any suggestions/opinions?
Is a Jetta or Golf bumper better?

I am looking forward to alot of feedback guys,
so help me make the big decision!


Alex Ting
Millennium Solutions Group, Inc.
8303 Sierra College Blvd., Suite 150
Granite Bay, CA 95746

Phone: 888-801-2001 or 916-797-9998
Fax: 916-797-9997
Email: alex@millenniumsolutions.net

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