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Re: Ok People...strange rocco

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998 17:32:39 -0400 "lerb" <lerb@redrose.net> writes:

>Ok on to a new subject...My brother in law (a scirocco fan thanks to 
>me) just took his a/c off of his engine....well he wants to keep his 90
>alternator....his problem is that the waterpump pulley shaft is too
>long...makes it look like it needs 2 belts.....whats the method for
>converting this? 

it depends on if he has the long shaft alt or the short one. I just did
this, I have the long shaft alt. I bought a pulley from VWP that corrects
this delima. Theres 2 different length shaft alt's. The short one I think
came on the non-AC cars.

>right now his alternator hooks up to his crankshaft pulley
>but nothing hooks to the waterpump? Do we need to make something? Can
>something be purchased/changed from another system?

It should be one belt running the WP and the Alt with the non AC system.
Did he get the right WP pulley so it all lines up? 

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