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Re: '83 Scirocco Hatch Cover

On Tue, 01 Sep 1998 15:46:25 -0400 "Wm. Josiah Erikson"
<josiah@gsinet.net> writes:
>I'm about to sell a luggage compartment cover from an '83 Scirocco to
>somebody, and remembered vaguely somebody saying something about there
>being some difference between the years. Can anybody confirm or deny
>this? (Shawn? I seem to remember you telling me something about 

The only thing I know for suree is that the 82 is the only year the rear
shelf was a one of a kind item. if I get another rear shelf, it must come
from another 82. AFIAK, all others are all interchangable from 83 to 88.
Pisses me off!

              Shawn Meze
86' Jetta GLi           82' Scirocco GTi
The Fastest, Quickest, Cleanest and
best looking Scirocco in all of San Diego!

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