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Re: '83 Scirocco Hatch Cover

Don't you think you can modify a 'newer' trunk lid? I mean the mounts from my old rabbit (84) to  my scirocco(81) and even my moms (96-97?) are all real simmilar that a simple custom mod is not that hard. While it is not the real thing I know that my '81 'real things' just can't be found anymore

mark hausler
"81 scirocco S
'94 toyo 4x4

 ---- you wrote: 
> On Tue, 01 Sep 1998 15:46:25 -0400 "Wm. Josiah Erikson"
> <josiah@gsinet.net> writes:
> >I'm about to sell a luggage compartment cover from an '83 Scirocco to
> >somebody, and remembered vaguely somebody saying something about there
> >being some difference between the years. Can anybody confirm or deny
> >this? (Shawn? I seem to remember you telling me something about 
> >this...)
> The only thing I know for suree is that the 82 is the only year the rear
> shelf was a one of a kind item. if I get another rear shelf, it must come
> from another 82. AFIAK, all others are all interchangable from 83 to 88.
> Pisses me off!
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