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Re: Ok People...strange rocco

He has a long shaft for the alternator......what does he need to correct?
The water pump pulley or the alternator?
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From: Shawn C Meze <skerocdriver@juno.com>
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Date: Thursday, September 03, 1998 11:38 PM
Subject: Re: Ok People...strange rocco

>On Thu, 3 Sep 1998 17:32:39 -0400 "lerb" <lerb@redrose.net> writes:
>>Ok on to a new subject...My brother in law (a scirocco fan thanks to
>>me) just took his a/c off of his engine....well he wants to keep his 90
>>alternator....his problem is that the waterpump pulley shaft is too
>>long...makes it look like it needs 2 belts.....whats the method for
>>converting this?
>it depends on if he has the long shaft alt or the short one. I just did
>this, I have the long shaft alt. I bought a pulley from VWP that corrects
>this delima. Theres 2 different length shaft alt's. The short one I think
>came on the non-AC cars.
>>right now his alternator hooks up to his crankshaft pulley
>>but nothing hooks to the waterpump? Do we need to make something? Can
>>something be purchased/changed from another system?
>It should be one belt running the WP and the Alt with the non AC system.
>Did he get the right WP pulley so it all lines up?
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