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Re: ponderings.

At 07:23 PM 9/2/98 -0600, Stephen Stalcup wrote:
>I was pondering the feasibility of supercharging my 16v. Is this a good
>idea. The g60 is on a 2.0l 4cyl. Would it be possible to install this on
>my 16v? Would I have to also switch over to Digifant? Also how hard would
>it be to incorporate the corrado adjustable spoiler? this seems like a
>fairly cool idea, it would rock if it works....
>Any help with this idea would me much appreciated.
>Steve Stalcup
First the g60 is a 1.8 liter and yes it can be done.  Afterall VW did it
when they made the Golf G60 Limited.  They built 70 of them and they had
210bhp.  It would take a bit of work.  They ran digifant and the alternator
is mounted behind the cylinder head(G60- is where the alt. usually would
be).  Lastly, digifant uses a fuel rail.  You would need to make extensions
or something to reach the injector holes; remember on the 16v the injectors
are in between the intake manifold runners.  The stock digifant injectors
don't have the length to clear the manifold runners.  Good luck if you do

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