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Re: Handle

>Speaking of handles, are these things prone to breakage?  I've replaced
>both of them on my 'Rocco.  And they're still not much better!
>'86 8v red martian
I think they are.  I've always had a problem with them.  But most of the
time it was with the passenger side, so it's probably how the passengers
treat it.  But the metal part does seem to be a type of cheap pot metal.
Too bad they couldn't have used better metal.

Anybody looked at the possibility of using the new style(A3) door handles?
I figure it can't be done, but you never know.

Johnİİ '98  Dak cc Sport 4x4, 3.9 auto, Intense Blue, Leer Classic tonneau, 
İİİİİİİİİİİİİİ  Pioneer DEH-P85DHR, ventshades, headlight/tailight covers,
penda liner
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          '69  MGB Roadster(in need of restoration)
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