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Re: Overheating -- Solved

>Mark Davison sent me a low temp thermoswitch for the cooling
>fan, which turns on low at 87'C and high at 93'C, compared to 95' and 102'C
>of the stock switch.  (Obviously my 1st stage wasn't working before).  The
>switch cost me $11 


>	So, Mark, thanks again for your expertise and incredible prices, and list;
>replace the switch... NOW!  (See below for procedure)
>	And by the way, I didn't reatach the cold-air scoop thingy, and my car may
>be sucking hot air, but it sounds f**ing awesome.  :)
>		Jason
>		87 16v, cool and happy.

I've been considering putting in a new thermoswitch for awhile cuz I don't
think mine works right.  How do I get one of these "cool" ones Jason's
talking about?

'86 8v red martian


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