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Re: ponderings.

At 07:23 PM 9/2/98 -0600, Stephen Stalcup wrote:
>I was pondering the feasibility of supercharging my 16v. Is this a good
>idea. The g60 is on a 2.0l 4cyl. Would it be possible to install this on
>my 16v? Would I have to also switch over to Digifant? Also how hard would
>it be to incorporate the corrado adjustable spoiler? this seems like a
>fairly cool idea, it would rock if it works....

I think it would be a bad idea... those superchargers are _shit_ , they're
dying all over the place -- if, er, *when* it does die on you, be prepared
to compete with the ton of other corrado and other dead-G60 owners in
fights for parts, and to pay the price as well.

just my biased opinion. turbo is the way to go in my mind ;-)

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