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Re: chassis designations - decipher please. (a1,a2,a3..)

>Name the 3 books ;-).  I am telling you it all started as a typo.
>Where is Potterman the God of useless VW Trivia.  The Scirocco has 1
>chasis style and 2 body styles.  According to MY books of European
>author & decent etc, a MkII is a 1984.5->1992 Golf/Jetta.

I can name one book.  _VW GOLF_and_Derivatives_ by John Blunsden.  He has a
chapter titled "Scirocco Marks 1 and 2, Golf performance with coupe style."

I've always thought of the MK1/Mk2 stuff to be dumb, personally(or whenever
an American calls a Rabbit a Mk1 Golf), but I have to disagree, Paul - I've
always associated A-1-2-3 with chassis, Mk1-2 with bodystyles.  All
Sciroccos, be it Mark 1 or 2, are A1 chassis.  The Mk1 "Golf" happens to be
an A1 chassis, the M2 an A2 - but the "A" is chassis, Mark = body.

According to MY books of European
>author & decent

Blunsden is British descent, also.  Somehow that adds credibility?  Don't know.



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