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Re: Multiple Choice (i.e. Dumb) Questions

At 06:02 PM 2/26/97 -0800, you wrote:

>The problem with getting an older car (if you consider an '88
>16v older that is) is that it comes with no manual.  I'm still new
>to these cars, so here's a couple easy ones (is there a FAQ for
>this kind of stuff?)

Wha?? 88?? Thats like brand new in my world! :)

>First off, the dash.  What's the small wheel control above the 
>head-light switch for?  I thought it might be a dimmer for the 
>instrument lights or a delay wiper interval adjust, but it's neither 
>(unless mine is broken).  Second, there's a red LED on the "panel" 
>right underneath the rear defrost switch.  Is this stock or not?  It 
>hasn't come on yet, to my knowledge.

That would be your dimmer switch. This might be a good junk yard item. The same 
switch is in both Scirocco's and Rabbits. 
The Red LED might, could be an alarm system or one of those fake alarm lights. 
When I bought my GLi, I had the light but it didnt work. After I installed a 200W 
amp in the car, I blew a fuse and after I replaced it, the light started 
blinking. Now it blinks 24/7. Fine by me, it looks like there is an alarm box 
under the dash but we dont have a sender unit and also some of the wires have 
been hacked. Im happy with the blinking light. Its right behind the steering 
wheel so you dont see it while driving. Being a passenger sucks. Its annoying. 
Check under the dash and trace the wires, see if they run into a black box. Might 
be an alarm system somebody has disconnected along the way. 

>Next, mechanical stuff.  The car seems to suffer from a couple of 
>problems which seem to be common on a lot of Sciroccos.  First, the 
>vibration level is nasty.  The vibrations are mostly from the dash. 
> I'll need to adjust the idle speed (it's at about 800 now, if it were 
>1000 it'd be ok) and maybe tighten up the stuff in the dash.  Other 
>than doing an electrical tune up, including timing, I can't think of 
>how else to help this.

Leave the idle alone. Its not gonna fix anything but give you a higher buzzy 
idle. Change the passenger side motormount. I betcha its bad. The rear mount will 
need some looking at also, but its been my experience that buzzy dashes are 
always a good sign of a bad passenger side motormount in 16V's or 8V's. (Got a 
bad one one in my GLi) 

>Also, it's hard to shift into first.  I have to put it in second, then 
>while pushing hard to the left, move it into first.  What a drag.  Is 
>this just a matter of replacing the shifter bushings?  Is that an easy 

Hmmm, replacing all (and I mean ALL of em') the shift bushings would be a good 
cheap start. Also the tranny allignment may be off a hair. Sometimes if you 
loosen the tranny side mount and move the tranny back a little, it solves this. 
(After you replace ALL the bushings) 
Worse case is the tranny is getting worn out. (Kinda like my origional stock 
tranny was) I always had to go from 2nd to get into 1st. Its like it's linning up 
something. Wish I knew more about trannies. I just have had no desire to tear one 
down. Too many special tools! (5th gear swap is as far as I want to get into 

Note on replacing the bushings. Its not a difficult job, its time consuming and 
its a whore job. (your on your back for every second of it.)
The only problem is if you disconnect the shift linkage to replace that big fat 
bushing that comes in its own bracket. Then you will have to either connect it 
exactly where it was on the rod (Kinda easy if its clean and you can see some 
kind of mark and eyeball it back together) Otherwise you will adjust it, get out, 
get in the car, feel it, if its wrong, you get under the car, adjust it, get out, 
get in the car, feel it, if its wrong, you get under the car, adjust it, ect 
until its set where you want it, or where it works the best. Its a bitch when its 
not going the right way. Its much easier when you can have somebody under the car 
adjusting and you can feel where it needs to be. A little teamwork and it can be 
a 30 minute job. 
Otherwise your looking at replacing all the bushings from the selector lever on 
the tranny all the way to but not including the shift rod bushing I just 
mentioned. It will require removing all of the shift linkage to replace all the 
bushings but its not hard and its a good opportunity for you can get a good look 
at how and if there is any linkage wear problems. You cant install anything wrong 
unless your really trying to. Its pretty straight foreward.
Did I confuse anybody? 

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