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Re: Corrado Brakes -- Physics Question: Are they pointless?

On Sat, 06 Feb 1999 12:22:05 -0500 16V JASON <jason@scirocco.org> writes:

>Yeah, Shawn, but you're forgetting that just because the pedal effort is
>lighter, the car won't stop any faster because it's the tires that are
>overwhelmed, not the 10s... 

Yes it will. 

>Really? I disagree with you, Shawn.  

Good, im glad you do or this place would be rather boring wouldn't it. :)

>The weight difference might only be,
>what 5lb? 

Oh, pppbth. NOT EVEN. 

>But that's a LOT when you're talking unsprung weight.  And
>because it's *reciprocating* unsprung weight, it's even more of a

No its not, your not *reciprocating* the calipers and carriers dude. Just
the rotors and they don't weigh much more than the 10.1" rotors. The
weight difference is insignificant.

>You have to deal with increased gyroscopic forces acting on the wheels


> and the 10% larger diameter of the discs means that the wheel
>has oodles more rotational inertia-- 


>because it's further out from the hub
>center.  I think the difference is significant... 


>probably significant
>enough to outweigh ANY braking benefits from the 11s, *especially* on 
>a tight course like an Auto-x.

uh-huh. No. 
86 GTi with a 2.0L crossflow and 11" brakes runs DSP (Yah, I know, he's a
SM car but so what, he's on street tires. and its his first season.) Ive
ridden with him and his biggest problem is tire traction. Typical on any
autox course driving on street tires. His braking is very impressive. as
long as he brakes in a straight line, he's fine and can brake very late.
ANY car that tries to brake as hard as he does with any size brakes not
in a straight line WILL lock up the inside tire. He's got better stopping
power with street tires (??/45R17's) than I do on autox tires. Now, how's
that possible UNLESS the 11's somehow magically perform uh, shall I dare
say.... BETTER? And don't even try and say his tires are better than
autox tires. (I do beat him by 10+ seconds.)

>True... and generally most people who will want the 11s are already
>running 15s... but it does limit what you can do for snow tires...

Uh, yah. I always have that problem when im shopping for snow tires.

>I completely agree.  Just as long as you know that it's a novelty with
>more costs (both financial and performance) than benefits.

Novelty? Sure but so are 16V's and I could make many other examples of
what people could call novelty's.  

>Thank you Shawn, I knew you would come through.

Hey, I was just giving my opinion and wasn't backing anybodies position.
Discussing pro's and con's is not just educational, its rewarding.
(Especially when you get these hypertyped replies. Gawd it gives me a
huge grin!)

>Now, let's discuss this whole sexual tension problem you're 
>	Jason

Oh no you don't. Im not gonna be your next partner. Keep shopping dude!

              Shawn Meze
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