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Re: yellow bigbody scirocco

> There's lots of yello Sciroccos knocking around Toronto - hell, I'll bet
> there's even half a dozen or so...  And two or three more in Montreal,
> sure.  You know, I think I even saw one here in Guelph not too long 
> ago.  And there must be a few more spread out from St John's to
> Victoria...  Numbers like those have got to lower the odds to at least a
> 50% chance that it was him, don't you think? 

 So, there are that many yellow Rieger Sciroccos running around the same
town?  Either you didn't realize the original post was in reference to a
Rieger big body kit, or there's a a bunch of people with tons of money to
spend, but no originality.  A yellow Rieger is cool, but not if they are on
every corner!

Ok, I'm done now.... Time to go get dirty in the garage...  I'm getting
bitched at for not having my Rocco back together.

Greg :)  
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