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[tech] front end question

	alright, here's the deal:  my car pulls to the left, the
steering wheel shudders like mad at almost any speed, and the inside
portion of my passenger side front wheel is wearing out quicker than a
dice clay joke.  

	someone told me that they think that my caliper is sticking up
front.  i'm going to take a look at the rotor to see if it's scored or
not.  if it is, any idea what i can do to fix the situation?  and if the
rotor seems fine, what else could it be?  i've already rotated the
passenger side wheels between front and back, and it hasn't done anything,
so it's not wheel weights.  i don't know how to check any of the ball
joints, steering rack, or anything else around there, so if you think that
it may be some play in the parts, let me know how to check it.  i'm
completely broke, so i'd rather diagnose the problem myself, if possible,
rather than bring it to a mechanic who charges more in an hour than i make
in 5.  thanks.

the mad bastard

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