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Re: [tech 16v] timing and compression

ok, cam timing is good, i finally found the cam sprocket hash mark, 
lined it up at the valve cover wedge, looked down, saw the hash mark 
on the crank pully, it liked up perfectly with the arrow on the 
plastic cover.

soo..dang where does this leave me?

I guess i need to gas analyze the overflow tank for a headgasket 
leak? only thing is it was running great before i hosed down the 
engine bay (covering alt, dist, +) like ive done prob 20 times. So
i thought i fried something like the dist. or electrical, which i 
still think it is since its just running 'rough'

guess i'll go double check for spark at each plug. because it really 
feels like its running on 3 cyls..well the lack of power and rough, 
very rough idle.

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