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Re: [tech 16v] timing and compression

> Assuming all is well with replaceable components- 
> (good timing belt, (inspect this first) plugs, wires, etc
> also check for oil/water in the spark plug holes).

yesplugs are dry, no oil in coolant no smoking car.

> Step one- check you ground straps one more time.

> Step two look for the obvious loose wire, connection etc.
> play and wriggle each one, including the computer connection, 
> and hall sender connection

I replaced the complete distributor with one out of a working rocco

> Step Three-- remove timing cover, and on the inside of the Cam 
> pulley, look for the little dot on the Inside of the pulley.
> Line this up with the front edge of where the valve cover
> and head meet.

i looked for the dot too, couldnt find it will relook.

..oh a note..my TT ajust cam sprocket..is backwards? I assume the 
sprocket is concentric where either way the offset is the same? Oh
its not on the car yet. but hehe the dot is on the outside and the 
two hash marks are on the inside.

> look down below to the crank pulley. Since the Car runs,
> it will be _near_ the mark if it is off (the mark is on the plastic
> timing cover-bottom portion)

man,i'll look for this i couldnt see any such marking....
but now that i know its on theplastic cover..below and to the right 
of the tensioner? where ballpark am i looking? and the hash mark to 
line it up is on the actual crank puly? the outside one or the inside 

> if the timing is correct, go to step 3.

> Step four- Check Ign timing- Bentley is good for this.
yeah i bought a timing light and set it..now the timing mark is a
'gash' in the flywheel correct? I hope i lined up the right mark!

> Step five- Try temporarily disconnecting you knock sensor-
> It may be getting false readings.

i'll try that

> Step six- if you have access to any VW's or something with a Hall sender,
> try switching it, just to check.

yup did it with the 2nd complete dist.
> Step seven- Check the injector seals- with a spray bottle, 
> spray a stream around each injector, where it meets the head, while 
> the car is running. Any change in running, they need  to be replaced.

seals are good, even if they were bad that shouldnt cause such 
insanely poor performance.

I'm betting slipped timing belt..i fit did slip a tooth..or 2 anyway 
i mashed a valve? how far does the timing have tobe off to interfere?


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