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[tech 16v] timing and compression

Well, the Corrado is running really nice so it's time to
get back to my rocco. Ever since I washed the engine bay it hasn't 
been running right, well I did the obvios replace distributor, plugs,
rewired + from strater to battery and ran extra wire from alt to 
battery, cleaned up the grounds, checked and set ignition timing. 
(16v 87 Scirocco)
I did a compression test, now the  Bentley says to keep the car WOT 
while reading compression? Is this necessary? anyways this is what i 


aint this a little high?? Well the car runs like complete crap now, I 
swear its valve timing thst's wayyy off, here's the symptoms
the car is slow, boggy, slow to rev up in gear and slowto speed up, 
it takes me forever and a day to get to 45 and I think I top out at 
60mph in it in 4th..5th gear i just loose speed. The car has 
absolutely no power and the engine does shake quite a bit more than 
it should, also exhaust is very put put puttery.

Setting cam timing does'nt look that hard, but I don't want to mash a 
valve. I can't find the timing mark on the cam sprocket, theres no 
hash mark on one of the teeth, what the heck??, and have no idea 
where to look or what I need to remove to see the crank timing mark 
and the dampner mark. Is all this stuff visible from above the engine 

thanks and its nice to be back.
1987 16v Rieger Scirocco
1987 8v Cabriolet
1990 Corrado G60(still for sale)
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