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Re: big bumpers?

These cars are in my Reiger catalog, too.  I stared at them for hours to 
figure out just what the hell they were. The red one looks like a normal 
jetta/golf big bumper whacked on the front of the rocco. Check out the 
big gap below the headlights, tho..I don't like it. You'd have to make a 
trim strip in my opinion... The blue one is a little craftier... it 
looks like they took a golf/jetta big bunper and hacked off the black 
'top' part of it and used it with a scirocco euro bumper as an air dam. 
The thing that I dont like about that one is, check out the body line 
right in front of the wheel...the spoiler is not even with it. I guess 
you could cut the spoiler to make it straight, tho.  Given the choice, I 
like the blue style better. 
Damn, they sure do make some ground scrapin cars over there, don't 
You want a good laugh? Grab a reiger catalog and check out the offsets 
these guys run on their WC VWs...how about a 10ET? how about 5ET/ 

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>Hey Danny,
>When you say heat and mold, what exactly do you mean?
>Is the front end wider on the golf/jetta?
>Does this mean you have to mold inwards?
>What are you heating it with?
>also, check out these sites and tell me what you think:
>can't tell if these are actually VW big bumpers.
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>> Subject: Re: big bumpers?
>> Date: Friday, September 04, 1998 10:12 AM
>> In a message dated 9/4/98 11:43:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>> alex@millenniumsolutions.net writes:
>> << Anybody done this?
>>  Any suggestions/opinions?
>>  Is a Jetta or Golf bumper better?
>>   >>
>> Its not that hard to do it just takes time to fit the bumpers right. 
>> A lot of heating and molding and cutting is involved. . .
>> as for which bumpers to use. . .you need a rear jetta big bumper to 
>> and the front well I don't think it mayers but you need to heat and 
>> front one right. . 
>> Or maybe use a passat or Audi front bumber. . .
>> I'm in the process of doing one on my car after being tought how to 
do it
>> Kerry 
>> the VR6 rocco guy from ohio. . 
>> Now If I can only find a extension for the rockers . . now that would
>> of a kit like that .. . 
>> And before you start on the Reiger thing. . no . . .I don't want the
>> kit . . 
>> It looks nice but the quality you get in this country isn't very 
good. .
>> think the Importer is selling knock offs of the kit. . .maybe if I 
>get one
>> direct from reiger I would do there front big bumper and rocker kit 
>> and ad my own mod rear bumper  and possible lower defuser. . .
>> Any way . . .
>> If any one has pic on there web site of cars completed I'd like to 
>them. .
>> Thanks Later. . .
>> ~Danny~
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