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getting an A3 2.0 8v..

hey guys,

i just found myself an A3 2.0 crossflow 8v out of a 94-95 jetta
it comes w/ the complete electronics including the motronic and the
entire fuse box and harness.
the transmission (anyone know the code?) w/ the clutch and flywheel,
alternator w/ the pulleys (the flat belt one), and all the fuel stuff.
the only parts i'll be missing is the o2 sensor, the exhaust manifold,
and the air box (but i'll use a p-flow anyway)
i'm picking it up for 1800$ can = 1,160 $US

can someone tell me which cars i can get dual exhaust manifolds from?
78-80 roccos/rabbits, right? what about diesels? do A2 dual
manifolds/downpipes fit?

or would this engine be better suited for headers?

Nigel Heron
86 Scirocco
85 Scirocco Wolfsburg

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