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Re: DSP Info, Shawn Meze

On Wed, 02 Sep 1998 06:05:12 PDT "Chris Chemidlin"
<spredhaus@hotmail.com> writes:

>Have they givin you flack about your euro bumpers? I was gonna put a 
>set of rabbit eurobumpers on the Jetta, but I know its not legal. What I

>would gain in lightness, I lose in inexperience, anyway!
>                       CHRIS CHEMIDLIN

No, not really. I have an understanding with my local racers. Everybody
is cool about it except for Randy. He said he would protest me if I ever
beat him. Everybody else has something that is technically ilegal but
they cant get the right parts to make it right type thing. (X19 and a
Spitfire.) I LIKE the bumpers, so they stay. if I were to be a dedicated
DSP car owner, id have the right bumpers on the car and do alot of things
differently on the car than i did.

              Shawn Meze
86' Jetta GLi           82' Scirocco GTi
The Fastest, Quickest, Cleanest and
best looking Scirocco in all of San Diego!

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