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RE: Neuspeed/Bilstein dealers

On  2 Sep, Crane, Damien wrote:
> just curious...
> ...why are you replacing the Illuminas?

Currently, the left front one is broken. I intend to try to get them
replaced/repaired under warrantee, but I have to have something on the
car while that happens. I am not sure what I am going to do with the
Illumina's if/when Tokico agrees to repair them. If the Bilsteins, or
whatever I end up, work better than the Illuminas, I may try to sell
the Tokicos.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the performance of the the Tokicos.
I liked being able to adjust them. I would run them on the 3 or 4
setting during the summer months, then dial them back to 1 during the
winter. This has me thinking about going with the Koni adjustable units
as an alternative. They don't seem to be a lot more expensive than the
Bilstein units.

The thing I really don't like about the Illuminas, is that they make the
car feel "Japanese". They seem to be overly damped, which seems typical
of Japanese performance cars. It made my Scirocco feel a lot like the
85' Supra GT that I had before and other similar cars I have been in. It
works OK for relatively smooth pavement, but doesn't really work well
on the patchwork repaired back roads that I typically like to run fast
on around here.

> Damien

Jon Auringer

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