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Neuspeed/Bilstein dealers

Hi all,

 I am looking to replace the Tokico Illumina 5's on my 88' 16V. I
already have the Neuspeed softsport springs installed, and am thinking
that the Neuspeed/Bilstein HD would be the best match for the driving I
do. I do not auto-x, and I drive the car year-round in Wisconsin, so I
am not looking for slot car ride/handling.

 I just got off the phone with a guy from Automotive Performance Systems
(APS), and was not favorably impressed by him. He did not seem to want
to talk to me at all, and transfered me to the automated catalog order
system as fast as he could. I really would rather spend the $350
somewhere else. Does anyone else sell the Neuspeed/Bilstein HD strut
inserts, or am I stuck ordering from APS?

 Thanks for any help you can give.


Jon Auringer

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