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Re: Wolfsburg edition Scirocco question

My 84 Wolfie came with:
- -colour keyed bumper covers
- -MFA
- -power assist brakes (manual steering..the way I like it)
- -central locking
- -power windows, power mirrors (not sure the heating element is working)
- -13" alloys (tarantulas by most descriptions)
- -large hatch spoiler
- -black plastic trim behind rear plate
- -black seats with white striping (leatherette bolsters)
- -split rear seat
- -(not sure if only Wolfies came with the 220 KPH speedo..CDN BTW)

It did not come with:
- -A/C
- -sunroof
- -power steering

Mine does not have the close ratio tranny either. It had been replaced and
the code on this one starts with AF or AG. Anyone tell me what the ratios
are on that one?

    Verne :    
    http://www.skyia.com/~vwman/h2ovw.htm     <---my car and general pics
    http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Track/2830/   <---A1 pics only !!!!

       84 Wolfsburg Scirocco--Perf mods are adding up now
       91 Passat GL--The mods have begun....my wife's car
       89 Wicked Fat Chance--(MTB)...still rides like new  
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