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Fwd: big heavy wheels = less HP

Hey gang,
	This was on the A2_16v list earlier today- cool piece of info if you ask
me :)

>I was actually a little suprised to see Compact Sport Car's Dyno
>results on this... They notice a little less zip from their Civic
>project car and thought it was just the larger rolling diameter from
>their 17" wheels but they measured and the rolling diameter was only
>.01" bigger!
>So they threw the car on the dyno with different wheels and this is
>what they came up with... it's very interesting indeed:
>WHEEL/TIRE                   WEIGHT            PEAK WHEEL HP
>185/65-14, 14" steel wheel      34lbs              113.5HP
>205/40-17, 17" Konig GTR        42lbs              108.1HP
>205/40-17, 17" O.Z.             43lbs              107.9HP
>They also went on to say that a heavy 17" rim was worse than an
>equally heavy 14" rim because the weight was farther outside.  Moment
>of Inertia strikes again!
>I feel completely vindicated now... after spending several months
>calling up manufacturers and asking about wheel weights I'd been
>interested in...  I put it all on a web page if you're interested:
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