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A possible MKII purchase

There's a silver MKII sitting in somones yard near where I live.  I 
finaly went by and checked it out.  It appears to have leather seats 
in good condition and the paint seems to be pretty good.  It has the 
dual wipers so I'm thinking it's at least and '84.  I'm wondering if 
it's a Wolfsburg, but I didn't see any badges indicating as such.  
The cylinder head, intake, and exhaust were sitting on some carboard 
in the back so it obviously needs some engine work.  I left a note on 
the winshield asking if it's for sale.   Depending on how much he 
wants for it, IF it's for sale, does it sound like a decent purchase 
going by the info I've given?  I'm thinking that it's the 1.8L and 
that it might indeed be a Wolfie.  If I can pick it up for a couple 
hundred it would make a better commuter than my present MK1.  What do 
you think guys?  I'll post some more info when the owner calls.
Are there any problem areas with the body such as rust prone areas?  
I've never been a big fan of MKII's, but this thing is straight and 
appears to be pretty clean.  Just needs a little engine work.
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                   Kris Rayner
    1981 VW Scirocco S - Soon to be a 16V :)-
            "What, behind the rabbit?"
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