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Re: Swaybars was: Autox:TOO much PUSH/understeer!

- --Shannon Fenton <sfenton@telegroup.com> wrote:
> So as far as legality goes Im still good in ES with a bigger sway
bar right?
> Autotechs run 115.00 and is 22mm. Not too bad. Where can I get
better brackets
> since I seem to remember it going around that they broke brackets.
And if I get any
> type of tie bar Im bumped into CSP? I want to stay in something I
can be
> potenionally competitive in, I think ES is the way to go if it
weren't for a Talon
> Turbo that was in there this weekend. I didn't think that was fair.

You are allowed any front sway bar in ES, yes.  I run the Neuspeed 22mm.

As for the lower tie bar-- If it is a 16v it already has one.  If it
is an 8v then ES may not be the place for you, you may be better off
prepping into DSP where the 8v's go.  16v's go to CSP.

For the skinney on my ES Scirocco check out my Scirocco page on my web
site from the link in my sig.  The only diffence is I am now running
Kumho's instead of BFG's, and I have not included my wheel alignment
settings which are:

- -2 degrees camber front
Just between 1/8" & 1/4" toe out

As for me in my ES 16v Scirocco I am 3rd in points in a 24 car ES field.

- -Paul
98 Beetle TDi
87 Scirocco 16v ES #53
87 Jetta GLi
63 Bug Sunroof

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