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RE: Swaybars was: Autox:TOO much PUSH/understeer!

At 01:28 PM 9/1/98 -0500, Shannon Fenton wrote:
>So my 16V should be in CSP with a front sway bar? Thats the only real mod
Ill have except for my exhaust. I guess Im confused....Im racing in ES
now....the next rung up the ladder in CSP right? Thats where Ill have to be
if I add a upper tie bar right?

No.  Front swaybars are free in Stock, meaning you can use any front
swaybar you want - homemade, none, stock with poly bushings, whatever you'd
like.  Swaybars attach to the control arms - they limit independent wheel
movement.  A STRESSBAR, which is different than a swaybar, attaches to the
body at suspension pickup points - upper stressbar, lower front stressbar,
etc.  Climb under your car and look at the swaybar - it attaches to the
body at the rearward control arm pickup points, and has forward facing arms
which attach to the control arms.  That's the swaybar, and in Stock, you
can do whatever you'd like to it.  Then, go to the front of the car - lie
down, look at the control arm bolts.  If yours is a 16v, it should have a
bar running between the control arms - that's a stressbar.  In stock, you
cannot add one of those - the 16v came with them, so you can use it.  

You need a front swaybar.  With it, you can stay in stock.  This is good!  

As far as the Talon in ES, the non-turbos are in fact in ES.  If it was a
turbo(and a few years back, they went to great lengths to make the
non-turbos look like turbos), it should be in GS.  Most people who put
their car in the wrong class believe that's where they belong - not often
do people put their car there because they're trying to cheat/hoping no one
will notice.  Talk to the guy, and if it is a turbo, ask him to move to GS
- - I am sure he will!  The event chair can help with this.  Also, your
region might bump classes with low participation - if he's the only GS car,
he might get bumped to ES by the region.  Colorado does not do that, as it
can be a drag - GS and ES  "should" go at about the same speed(what he has
in power you have in agility), but it becomes very course dependent - if
the Turbo Talon gets to stretch its legs, it has an advantage.  If it is a
tight and twisty course, there's really no advantage to 210hp(or 400, if it
cannot be used.....).  So, chances are, he just thinks that's where the car
belongs.  Probably means nothing by it.  Should be easy enough to resolve!
Good luck, get a swaybar, have at it in ES!

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