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Re: Autox:TOO much PUSH/understeer!

I drive (or drove, until a couple of weeks ago) a Rabbit GTi with the Neuspeed 22mm front anti-roll bar, 28mm rear anti roll bar, upper stressbar, stock 16v lower stressbar, and a bunch of other stuff... anyway, just thought I'd throw in my $.02 about how much all these things helped, because I put them on one by one. I'm not an AutoXer, yet, but I do drive the car pretty hard, so I notice things.
The front swaybar is what I put on first, and the car was otherwise completely stock, I hadn't even aligned it differently. I didn't find it to be much of a pain to put on, although I can see how it could be, I guess.... I thought it made a huge difference. The car understeered a little less, rolled a LOT less, and basically just felt better all around. I felt much more confident going into corners, and the car was, overall, much more fun to drive, and even, I'd say, more controllable. Changed the whole ch
aracter of the car. Then I added Bilstein HD's, a 28mm rear anti-roll bar, and stiffer springs all around, and that completely changed it again. Much more oversteer- the tail hangs out now, but nicely, not wildly. Then I changed to alignment to as much negative camber as I could get and 1/8" of toe, and now my car sticks like I never thought a Rabbit could stick... and I know I haven't taken it anywhere near the limit (I'm driving on 14" tires, even... I haven't put my 15" Z-!
rubber on since the alignment). I can't imagine what Mannix's car feels like! : )
I didn't notice the upper stress bar very much, but I did notice that putting the upper and lower stressbars on just made the whole car feel tighter, less flexy... because that's what it's doing, I guess!
    Just thought I'd throw that in...
    '83 Scirocco (for parts)
    '84 GTi (needs fuel pump)
    '86 Scirocco 8v (broken frame)
    '87 QSW (daily driver)

Shannon Fenton wrote:

> Great response. Now for round two.
> Yes I was overdriving the car, this IS my biggest problem. I usaully get settled on the second and third run. Here they had 2 laps per run...I like that. A "big bar" would consist of what? Stock is 21mm right? Im not to thirlled on getting the Neuspeed due to its funky heim joint attachments and the distress its install seems to give people. From what Ive heard it dosent make much of a diffrence anyway....if it did everyone would have them. As far alignment goes it was aligned about a month ago and Ill t
ake it again soon. I thought of getting a upper tie bar also. Any advise on which? I dont like the idea of drilling holes in the strut tower since it bears alot of load but I suppose I dont have much choice huh.  Will make my ride stiffer? Until I can find another DD Id hate to ruin my already bone jarring ride by making into sadomasocist pleasure moblie. Anyone had any expeirence on Eurosports lower stress thing, its not a bar.....well maybe Im confusing sway bars and stress!
> ars. Its not a sway bar but a stress bar....anyway does anyone have any info if its worth it?
> Lastly am I going to have any problem running 50psi in Street tires on the track? I want to avoid a blowout if at all possible.
> Thank You for Your Time,
>         Shannon Fenton

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