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Re: Autox:TOO much PUSH/understeer!

I dunno man....

Shannon Fenton wrote:
> I recently autoxd my car for the second time this weekend 
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>(Tech inspection) Got me for too much loose stuff...(shut up Van Vuren!). 
- -snip-
>I know SP=Street Prepared but where does the D come from?

I think for your car to be street prepared, it has to take LESS than 30
minutes to dump out all of the: shoes, McDonald's bags, empties, socks,
extra jacks, gum wrappers, bicycle tires, clothes, girlfriend's panties,
rocks, books, toiletries, etc, etc, etc. :)

I remember being pretty tired before my first race of the day after
doing a 63 flat, helpin' you get your car cleaned to pass tech!! ;-)
Hahaha... think of the weight savings...

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