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Re: Tips for IDing an Unmarked Cop Car!

On Aug 25,  6:16pm, jason. miller wrote:
>     Just wondering what everyone uses when they're flying down a road at
> a "fun" speed to check for unmarked cars?

Tips I use for identifying unmarked baconwagen (NB - this is for UK, might not
apply in US) :-

- - No hubcaps. Alloy wheels or plain steel only.
- - Multiple mirrors. The passenger usually has his own rear-view mirror.
- - No tow bars.
- - No "GB"-type stickers, no "Kill your speed" stickers, and they have
definitely never seen the "lions of Longleat".
- - Accelerate _quickly_ to about 80 or so when coming on from a slip road - very
definite of purpose.
- - Never drive too close to anyone. In fact, anyone driving like they've read
"Roadcraft" is a prime suspect.


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