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Autoweek Excerpt - MK1 Coverage

Autoweek recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. The grand issue was
very fat. The following is an excerpt from an article that appeared in
the July 13, 1998 issue. The article was titled "40 Performance, from
pink slips to microchips" and was written by Jim McCraw:

"By the late '70s it was typical for an eastern car kid to have moved to
Los Angelos. He was older, and he had very different views of what he
should drive. Well, somewhat different. Likely as not it would be a VW
Scirocco, because, well, because it got 30 miles per gallon, it was
designed by Giugiaro, it was slicker than liver, it had a great little
engine, front-wheel drive, it got 30 miles per gallon, and it was a
hatchback body design, which made a hole big enough to haul furniture in.
It didn't make much torque, but it made a lot of power at high rpm, and
it got 30 miles per gallon. It had great seats, it was low to the ground,
and it ripped around corners like a snake around a tree trunk."

I actually have moved all my belongings in a Scirocco several times . . .

Mark . . .
Scirocco 1982, Golf GT 1987
Previous Sciroccos: 1981S (RIP), 1980S, 1975TS, 1975

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