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tranny swap questions

I know most of y'all who responded to my pleads for help yesterday felt
(and still feel) I have a linkage problem.  Though I couldn't find any sign
of one, the car's going into the shop tomorrow.  However, I wanna cover all
bases.  What transmissions can I put in my '86 8v?  I know the 16v is a
different tranny, but will it work?  What about something out of a GTi,
Cabrio, Jetta, or even a rabbit?  Are any/all these 5-speeds the same?

Is it going to be tough to rebuild my tranny if I wanna do that?  (I've
never rebuilt one, but between me and a buddy of mine, it's pretty
feasible.)  What about changing 5th gear to lower my R's?  I saw that
thread a coupla days ago.  Is it hard or expensive?

I appreciate all the help y'all have given me in the last 24 hours.  I just
have a few more questions.  Thanks again.

'86 8v red martian


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