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Re: [help][brakes]urgent

original post:                                                            

]].ebrake doesn't work and brake                                        
]]performance is still mediocre (brakes only grabbed after pedal was 1/3
]]to 1/2 of the way down, slightly stronger grab now).

]]CONCLUSION: i believe that my problems can be traced to the rear brakes
]]and the lack of stopping power being applied to the rear wheels.  I
]]believe this due to a)no ebrake performance (even with new pads and new
]]calipers); b)generally weak brake performance all around; c)no rear
]]lockup on snow under full pedal.
]]The problems could be:
]]1. bad pressure regulators
]]2. contaminated rear pads and/or rotors
]]3. old rotors

The rear wheels should not lock up under full braking.  The front wheels
provide most of the stopping power while the rears just slow you down, in a
manner of speaking.  I'm not familiar with the meat and bones of the system,
but is it possible you're proportioning valve is bad?  Jack up the rear and get
a friend to put on the brakes just to see if the rears are working.
It is probably a safe bet that you're braking problems are
not with your rear(apart from your ebrake), but with your front.  If your pedal
is that soft, you may try bleeding the fronts again.  If the pedal feels good
but the pads still aren't grabbing when they should, it may be contaminated
pads or rotors( maybe the guys at the shop didn't clean the rotors before
installing?)   As far as the Ebrake goes, did you try adjusting the cables at
the hand lever?  Are the cables good?  Since the ebrake is all mechanical, it
should not affect regular braking.  the ebrake mechanism in one of my calipers
is bad also.  Unfortunately, the only solution is replacement.

good luck

Greg F.
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