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Re: More strut stuff: SPAX shocks

Hi Everybody,
  I bought the adjustable SPAX shocks from Stu at BSI for my 84
8V.  I have only had the car on the track three times since, but
so far the SPAX's seem to work quite well with the eibach springs
I got.  The fronts are 10-way adjustable and the rears are 14-way.
(It's almost too many choices!)  I have not had the shocks long enough 
to be able to comment on the durability of the SPAX's yet.
  I used to have the koni sport SS shocks on my GS-R.  I really
liked the konis!   Never had a problem with them.  I bought the 
SPAX shock on Stu's recommendation.  He said he had worked with
SPAX on the valving of the SPAX adjustables, and that he would 
stand behind them.  I would say that they are comparable in handling
quality to the konis although the only why to tell for sure is some
back to back testing...  at this point I would recommend the SPAX
adjustables as another good shock option.


ps My project scirocco is coming together...  Full coil-over suspension
   is in place.  New, built 1.8 motor is getting prep'd to go in, as
   is the tranny with a quafe.  Next, full weld in roll cage with 
   aluminum race seat and 5-pt harnesses.  Then ITS TRACK TIME! 
   WAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!  I will post more detail on 
   my project when it is more together (big ;-)
Arthur L. Hunt                       SAS Institute Inc
snoalh@unx.sas.com                   (919) 677-8000 x6876
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