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Wheel stuff

Ugh, just got thru reading 250+ messages after being out sick for 4 days.
Now where's the Visine?  Saw a load of wheel-related posts and now I have
some questions:

1.  What are the "tarantula" and "orlando" wheels?  A description would be
more helpful than "the wheel that came on cars with VIN #...."

2.  Is it possible to drill or dremel wheels to lighten them?  I realize
that you can't turn them into aluminum foil doilies but a teardrop looks
like it could have some extra holes in it without losing too much strength.
I also realize that you have to consider balance, heat stressing, SCCA
rules, danger of flipping a hot metal chip in the eye, etc., but after
you're done carving out an intake manifold, you need to keep busy, right?

Just thought I'd toss these out atcha, and as always, thanks.
benton, who's listening to some Extreme Noise Terror and liking it.

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