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Re: Hey Guys... [help]

Hey Jason, could you also check on some white gauge faces for a 16-valve
scirocco?  Not sure what 140mph will equal to in kilometers.  I heard that
they are real cheap in Germany because everyone has them.  Thanks bro.


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From: Jason <jtcst20+@pitt.edu>
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Date: Saturday, January 03, 1998 5:36 AM
Subject: Hey Guys... [help]

>Hey y'all.. it's me.  I've managed to make my way to Germany, and wouldn't
>it figure, I have a Scirocco problem.  Leave it to me and all of my friends
>worldwide to simultaneously get VW's without each of us knowing.... and
>then all have problems with them... Anyways, we almost had to push the car
>home on the Autobahn last night... so here goes:
> It's a Scirocco CL built in August of 1984 with the 1.6l carbeuretted
>engine, 4sp and such.  The problem started about 2 months ago, when Gerrit
>(my friend) was on the Autobahn, at top speed it would start to cut out
>very quickly and repeatedly.  Then, it would do it at 180, then 170... and
>so on, and now it does it all the time.
> It always starts instantly, but it dies without gas.  The car runs fine
>only at full throttle in the city, and only with like 1/2 or less throttle
>on the highway.  The problem is much worse going up hills, so I suggested
>that it's the transfer pump and we got a full tank of gas.
> The prob is a little better, but most certainly not gone...
> Okay... everything else is fine... so do we assume it's the transfer pump?
> Does this car even have one?... or does it just have a main pump?
> When it's acting up (all the time basically), it's like someone is turning
>the ignition on and off 2 or 3 times a second.
> HHHEEELLLLPPP!! I'm leaving in 3 days and I need an Autobahn speed fix...
>I can't get it out of my system in a car that will only go 30!!!
> Thanks always guys,
> (I'm still looking for cheap Euro lights and stuff....)
> Jason
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