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RE: Scirocco pics

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Tim Ebling wrote:

> Hey Kevin,  nice pic!  I like the fact that one wheel is in the air :)
> My car has the same wheels you do.  What are those things called,
> officially?  (For those who can't see the picture of Kevin's car, they
> are
> those seven "spoke" wheels which you see on mid 80's GTIs and
> Jettas).
Never heard them referred to as anything but "GTI alloys" or "83-84 GTI
alloys".  As far as polishing goes, haven't had to do that yet - I have
seen lots of them painted to match the body, though (not sure that I
like that particular look).

Kevin Wenzel
1981 VW Scirocco S (w/1.8 JH) - DSP #81 (Blix)
Director of Network Operations, privateI, LLC        

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