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Re: Wheels! and Seat! and Brakes!

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, I.Mannix wrote:

> Nah.  You don't need sprial wheels, your car does all the spinning needed;).
I have to do something to wake them up after that boring red GTI putters
through... :)

> I was talking to someone (Chris Jamieson, a well respected VW race guy,
> once took first in DSP/second ITB for a season here in Denver - impressive,
> right?  Well, he also drove the car to all events - no trailer.  Wow.) who
> actually thinks the solid rotors are better choices for DSP (over vented)
> because the brakes don't get hot enough to make the vents necessary.  Who
> knows, I have vented rotors on mine, but I might try solid someday - cheap
> experiment!  Unsprung weight is important, just don't know if it is THAT
> important.  Something to think about!
Interestingly enough, I got vented rotors this time (the Scirocco II 8v came
with 9.4" vented rotors at some point, right?  Please tell me I'm legal...)
because of my experience on the street with brakes - I've always had
problems with warping brakes and getting them too hot, but now that I'm
racing the thing I have much less desire to run the thing fast on the 
street (and when the suspension finally gets where I want it to be it'll be
too painful to drive fast on the street).  If anyone has a solid 9.4" rotor
off their car, want to weigh it and post the results?

Kevin Wenzel
1981 VW Scirocco S (w/1.8 JH) - DSP #81 (Blix)
Director of Network Operations, privateI, LLC        

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