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RE: Scirocco pics

>On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Tim Ebling wrote:
>> Hey Kevin,  nice pic!  I like the fact that one wheel is in the air :)
>> My car has the same wheels you do.  What are those things called,
>> officially?  (For those who can't see the picture of Kevin's car, they
>> are
>> those seven "spoke" wheels which you see on mid 80's GTIs and
>> Jettas).
>Never heard them referred to as anything but "GTI alloys" or "83-84 GTI
>alloys".  As far as polishing goes, haven't had to do that yet - I have
>seen lots of them painted to match the body, though (not sure that I
>like that particular look).
>Kevin Wenzel
>1981 VW Scirocco S (w/1.8 JH) - DSP #81 (Blix)
>Director of Network Operations, privateI, LLC

Gotta add my agreement on the cool pic as well.  Also, I think that the GTI
alloys look the best on the Mk.1 Scirocco.  I might look toward switching
my teardrops (which don't look too hot on the Mk.1) to those.  They also
look nice on the Quantum.  And yeah, they look awful when painted body
color (excepting black of course).


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