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Re: Stop the bullshit.

I'm not impressed here, Chris. Sounded like a sincere appology from Shawn
that you basically crapped on. Maybe it's just an age difference talking, but
that whole response sort of made you look like a punk with an attitude. 
I'm on his list because I love Scirocco's.I ahven't been here long, so I
don't know many of the people on this list. The more posts I read, though,
the more I begin to form some idea of what everyone is like. Diverse crowd,
I'd say, but all with one obvious common thread. 
This bickering back and forth I see between some members is rediculous. The
common thread I see in that area, though, seems to be your signature at the
end of it. 
Let me know here-- everyone, that is--- is this a list for Scirocco
enthusiasts who want to improve their knowledge of their cars or is it a
forum for pissing and moaning about anyone who doesn't agree with the next
guy? I'm personally here for the enthusiast factor. I think I have something
to add, though, and I like to share information. I don't, however, have time
to wade through piles of usless postings of whining about how someone hurt
some fragile juvenile ego. 
So.... here's what I have to offer the list.
I've owned, raced, autocrossed, built, modified and loved Scirocco's since I
was 17. That's 15 years, for those who don't know me. (which is about
everyone here). Yes, I'm an old fart. I served on the SCCA San Diego Region
Board of Directors for 4 years and was the Chairman of the Solo II Committee
for 2 years. I still sit on the committee as Past Chairrman for 1997, but am
taking a break from that stuff to free up more time for my 2 1/2 year old
future-racer son. I still Autcross and am building a Mazda RX-7 to road race,
having retired my 78 Scirocco ITC car. (Now my second current project car,
putting it back on the street as a fun-car). I've owned a total of 5
Scirocco's, 1 Jetta, and 1 84 GTI. I autocrossed our 88 M3 in 96 and won the
San Diego Region CSP year-end championship. I don't want anyone to think I'm
trying to go off on an ego-rampage here, I guess I just have no life outside
So, now you all know who I am. I think I can contribute my fair share to this
list, and I hope to learn as much from it. If someone disagrees with me on an
issue, then let me know. Hell, tell me I'm an asshole, if you want, it won't
kill me. 
However, I don't really have the time to read through the endless B.S.
postings seem to flood the list every time a select few ego's (or one
specific, CHRIS) get bruised and now he's picking fights with everyone and
his mother.

So, tell me, am I on the right list?

Awaiting some feedback...


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