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Re: Stop the bullshit.

>It did sound like you were mad at me for it. Which I could understand, now
>I look at it from your point of view since I was the one that posted his 
>message on the list. I did it for no other reason than to say, "thats enough". 

YEAH RIGHT.  You keep picking fights with me and then changing your mind.
You keep posting my private stuff to the list so you have an audience.
You're weak.

>too harsh for some people to handle? I dont think this is the case since Chris 
>just kinda went nuts with Todd's posting on the seat belt thing. He did
>like he did with my post, took everything personal as if it were some kind of 
>personal attack. That tells me the problem is not *me*.....

I think Todd's the one who went nuts, calling me foolish and such.  He took
my initial post totally the wrong way, and everyone agreed on that.  Again,
I was shocked that he took it that way and I came back w/ emotion to make
sure he knew that his initial interpretation of my post was far from what I
meant.  I would hate to be thought of as someone who cuts people's seatbelts.

>>So far as the Chris thing goes - if he is indeed harassing you to that extent
>>in response to every posting you make to the list, you can very likely get
>>his email account at vt.edu canceled by emailing postmaster@vt.edu with
>>your concerns.  If that doesn't help, and he continues to harass you in
>>response to your postings, let me know and I will unsubscribe him.


>Just for the record, when He first complained about my message (You know, the 
>one that pissed him off so bad) I sent him a long detailed message explaining 
>exactly what I meant by what I said. He couldnt either understand it or simply 
>wanted somebody to be mad at. 

No, you insult me and then you try to twist it around to something harmless.
You can't live up to anything you say/start.  The word....spineless(?) comes
to mind.

>and if I were to be mean to him about his little G60 wannabe project, I could 
>write for days telling him why he wont get it in. Thats not why im on this 

Then why don't you?  I'd LOVE to hear your input.  Won't get in it?  How?  I
already HAVE the G60 at a friends.  Other misc. parts are rolling in as I
get the money.  I think SOMEBODY's green with envy.  Why else would you
belittle such an awesome and do-able project?  You're cruel.

>list. He can continue his little e-mail war as long as he wants. I wont play 

And here you go POSTING TO THE LIST belittling my sacred project again.
You're sick, man.

>Did I tell you Chris threatened me in one of his e-mails?? This is the main 

Oh yes, I was very hot at the moment.  But after I cooled off I saw how
out-of-line that was, so I sent you a formal apology for THAT line.  I stand
by everything else.

This is so like the twilight zone.  You throw these rude comments at me and
then assure everyone else that you meant something else, making me look like
a fool.  ???  You're such a snake.  I hope everyone else can see it.

Chris Taylor
'87 Scirocco G60-to-be
"Son, don't you know the DODGE Stealth is NOT the 
one that's invisible to radar?"--a cop last year when
I got pulled over in my stealth going 130+mph.

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