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Re: crazy DSP handling stuff

>Hey, did I tell you I beat that RX-3! Last race at Norton AFB, I beat
>him by a half a second. Ask your buddy Randy about it! He was
>there........ heh-heh, its actually kinda funny how it went down!!!

What happened?  Wow, beating Berry is no small feat.  Rain?  Even with
rain, thats a damn good job!

>I hear he's got 186 hp and about as much torque! That rotary RWD really
>should'nt be in DSP. Thats life, huh!

There are two schools of thought on that - well, 3 or 4, but basically, a
lot of people seem to think that the car belongs in DSP - not necessarily
Berry's - but the RX3.  Kinda like if a Mustang 5.0 all of a sudden started
*dominating* ESP - say, umm, John Ames built a sicko Rustang that put 4
seconds on the competition - they'd leave it in ESP because it is an ESP
car.  Not sure if I agree with that philosophy, but that's a large part of
it.  My confidant on these issues is an ex SEB member, bit of a huckster,
but if I have a classing or rule question, I can ask him, he normally has
an answer for me - on the RX3, he gave me the "type" argument, which for me
holds clearer in the ESP scenario.  DSP is such a conglomerate class -
there probably are several other cars in DSP that could be competitive IF
someone put the time into it.  Time being the 5+ years in Berry's car,
what, C.Cox built it?  Ahh, who knows.  (for those of you still with us,
that have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, uhh, sorry, but man, you
should see Berry's car - it's cool.  Ummmm, sorta quick, too;).  OK, I'll
shut up....


OH - my ex SEB friend says that the X1/9 is probably a very good candidate
to go to CSP.  Lets all write letters, make DSP a little competitive again!
Heh, DSP was competitive - roughly 12th-29th place at nationals was
FIERCE!!!!  1st - 9th was spread over 8 seconds or something ridiculous.
OK, see ya!

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